AC/DC Beyond The Thunder — Exclusive Trailer -

Even better than a Band is a Brand !!

Hombres, Mujeres, Niños, Libios, Australianos, Venezolanos, Tejanos, Militares, Publicistas, Amas de Casa, Deportistas, Blancos, Negros, Indios, Güajiros, Andinos, Astronautas, Ricos, Pobres, Clase Media, Capitalistas, Comunistas, Catolicos, Judios, Flacos, Gordos, Altos, Enanos, Chavistas, Opositores, Dios y el Diablo pertenecen al mismo club de melomanos que disfrutan con las canciones de la ultima gran banda del planeta. AC/DC... aprendan, sabiondos.

When Scott Rowley, Editor-in-Chief of Classic Rock Magazine in the UK wanted to feature an article about Kurt Squiers and Gregg Ferguson's rock documentary about AC/DC fans, for AC/DC fans & by AC/DC fans, he also suggested an exclusive, rights free trailer to include within the May 2010 Issue as a DVD supplement. With a little more than a week to put together, Gannin Arnold, lead guitarist for Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders, scored the original soundtrack in hopes that AC/DC themselves would eventually license the film's music to these two fan-filmmakers (and hopefully be a part of it) for fans around the world to enjoy. Kurt & Gregg quickly cut in the latest footage and still hope for the best. For those about to watch (we salute you).

Adman and AC/DC fanatic Kurt Squiers basically took two years off from what was presumably a well-rounded existence to shoot Beyond the Thunder, a documentary about his favorite Australian rockers. (Actually, it's mostly about the fans of his favorite Australian rockers.) Being an ad guy, Squiers interviewed some agency creatives about the use of AC/DC songs in TV commercials. (See the clip below.) "I think people liked the fact that we used AC/DC more than they actually liked the spot," quips Anomaly's Mike Byrne, who featured "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" in Nike's "Awake" ad while he was at Wieden + Kennedy. But not all AC/DC-brand pairings have received rave reviews. "I love Audrey Hepburn, and I love AC/DC, but they're not chocolate and peanut butter—they don't go together" says David Baldwin, former chairman of The One Club and founder of Baldwin&, of the Gap spot that set Hepburn's dance from Funny Face to "Back in Black." (Sound familiar? AdFreak said the same thing back in 2006.) Check out a long trailer for Beyond the Thunder after the jump.