Acts of freedom

 Those things that flow in the vains. Feelings can have many names, but the skin know it, the eyes know  it, every single inch of the physic, breath runs over the same atmosphere. 

The enviromnent of misconception. No,no just sail between concrete and doubt, is more than this. Much more.

Actually, is not known if this is the story of all, or only the status of individuality repeated over and over again, on earth , the universe , the cosmos . A pattern.

If your vision is long supported on these ideas, beware, the fall could be accelerated and extended the gap.

Birth is a full exercise of freedom, like to die -not being killed- Those are the only two human freedoms. 

What is between these two unique acts of absolute freedom is slavery disguised with sequins , called existence.

So hard is feel and know. That is the same part of the path, that leads us, inevitably, the fear to the unknown . 

What everybody starts to beg for in that moment is: a little more second of breath.

Is amazing the ability of humans to create Life / Death . See enemies where there are none, find friends where none exist. Experiencing love where is not possible.

Will this also an eternal question?

Is this the story of any or the inevitable story of all?

(c) Edwing Salas 11/16/14

(c) Photo Edwing Salas